Childhood stories.  Do you have an adorable twins story about Eric and Kristen?  An Eric and his dad story?  Something in high school that should never be repeated or forgotten?  Tell them here.


Hamline, Macalester, 1650 Dayton.  So many stories to tell about the college years . . . 

Medical School and Residency

What was Eric doing when he stepped away from the books for a bit? 


Friends, colleagues, and patients.  There are many people with stories to tell, and a lot of gratitude to share.

Eric and Lisa

They are so adorable, in their own sarcastic and witty way.  And there’s nothing kids love more than good stories about their parents . . . .

Eric The Dad

This is an easy one.  Eric loves being a dad. and his girls are great story material . . . 

Friendship and Adventures

Road trips, beer bashes, trips to the lake . . . 


Here’s where you tell us the stories that are too epic to fit into a single category!

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